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Treatments & applications for body & spirit

In our Celtic Vital, we offer a wide range of treatments and applications and these are selected to be appropriate to your needs or health conditions. In addition to the classic treatments we offer in Celtic Vital, as the name suggests, applications that show a Celtic influence: Sirona Vital and Meduna Vital.

LEALIN – Exclusive applications with natural herbal products

Very important to us and in keeping with the philosophy of Celtic Vital is our concept of treatments using exclusively  Lealin providing top quality treatment for the body. Lealin® stands for clear, natural, proven herbal applications, with many years of experience in the use of therapeutic herbs, lovingly developed, carefully put together, and tested by Frau Dr. Barbara Berling. This exclusive line of products forms the core of our treatments used on your wellness holiday in Bad Hofgastein.

Sirona Vital Treatments

Sirona is the Celtic God of medicine and therapeutic applications. The Sirona applications contain therapeutic and wild herbs, healing water, natural peat, and are used with manual treatments. The results are palpable. Take a look at our range of Sirona Vital treatments.  

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Meduna Vital Treatments

Meduna was a Celtic God associated with healing, warm springs and honey preparations. The Meduna Bath is a balsamic honey milk application with real gold. The Meduna massage is especially nurturing, using exclusive Lealine® herb pouches, and has a harmonising effect on the whole body. Take a look at our range of Meduna Vital treatments.

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[comfort zone] – Body treatments

[comfort zone] is the result of a complete system of products for the treatment of the face and body as well as promoting general well-being. This exclusive selection of products, treatments, and rituals was conceived with complete dedication to offering the most effective scientific solutions with long-lasting results. Have a look at our [comfort zone] body treatments.

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Our Spa & vital team will have to be happy to give you individual advice at the Vital reception. You're welcome to book your desired treatments and applications before arrival.

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